Kolbe Menswear is an established Rwandan Menswear brand that offers luxury goods in the form of made to measure suits for weddings, office and corporate events, Our success is driven by craftsmanship of our experienced tailors, commitment to fulfil our customers’ needs, high quality materials to create a product that is an extension of yourself that complements your lifestyle. Our team has a strong history of accomplishments designing for celebrities, government officials and businessmen.

  • Kolbe Menswear

    The Brand Story

    The elegance of a gentleman is shown by his strength to overcome every day struggles. During ancient times, the warrior had to march into battle with a spear and shield in hand.

    The modern warrior leaves in a different background and has to go to war armed in an impeccable suit to ward off enemies. Kolbe’s made-to-measure suits are the new armour ushering you into the battlefield. Our suits are sketched, designed and measured to perfection, using existing and new technologies to create customized ammunition for war.

  • Process

  • 1. Our genuine made to measure suits have every stage of their making done completely by experienced tailors. Here we highlight various steps taken by our craftsmen in constructing a genuine made to measure suit.

    2. Our designers help you in selecting fabrics and styles. The cutter measures you taking over measurements accounting for your posture. An individual paper pattern is created exclusively for you. The pattern is laid out and chalked onto the fabric. The fabric is cut one way by hand.

  • 3. A bundle is prepared for your garment, which includes the canvas and trimming to send the coat-maker. A baste is prepared for your first thing. After the first thing, the baste is taken apart, the pattern is remarked and the garment is remade. You are invited back for a second fitting.

    4. Final adjustments are made and the suit is finished. Your suit is ready for collection. Your personal suit pattern is stored for possible future use.






    A selection of our best shots illustrates our burning desire to create the unimaginable. Our collection is an expression of passion for fashion.

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    Our Philoshophy

    Luxury is not how much you can buy. Luxury is the knowledge about how to do it right, how to take the time to understand and choose well. Luxury is buying the right thing

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